Dried persimmons in Dalat

Last update: 17:17 | 25/02/2019

Persimmons have long been a signature of Dalat, a city in the Central Highlands. In recent years,  new persimmon products have surfaced, making use of a Japanese technique which relies on wind and sunshine.

To make this specialty persimmon, local farmers select the best fruits before peeling them off. Then, electric fans will be used to dry them. Next, the persimmons are hung on plastic hangers to be dried naturally with wind and sunlight. About seven to 10 kilos of fresh persimmons turn out only one kilo of dried persimmons.


A worker checking persimmons

The best fruits will be picked and peeled

After its preliminary processing, persimmons are put in desiccators to be dried with heat by electric fans

Persimmons are hung to dry in glass houses at 25-30 degrees Celsius. It takes around three weeks for the fruits to be dry completely

Dried persimmons are about to be transported to the market. Each kilogram of dried persimmons is sold at VND400,000 to VND500,000


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