Dak Lak - an attractive destination to tourists

Last update: 01:23 | 23/04/2018

Located at the heart of the Central Highlands, Dak Lak province holds much potential for tourism development with numerous tourist attractions.

Tourists ride elephants on Lak Lake
{keywords}Tourists ride an elephant in Yok Don National Park
{keywords}Local artists perform traditional gong - UNESCO-recognised world cultural heritage
{keywords}Gong performance by K'ho girls
{keywords}Visitors pose in front of Dray Nur waterfall
{keywords}Dak Lak province museum is designed after the Ede ethnic minority's long house
{keywords}Palace of King Bao Dai
{keywords}Ko Tam community-based ecotourism hamlet
{keywords}Com lam (steamed sticky rice in bamboo tubes) - a delicious food of the Ede ethnic group 


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