Stunning view of Bo Da ancient pagoda in Bac Giang

Last update: 12:07 | 07/04/2018

Bo Da Pagoda, sitting at the north foot of Phuong Hoang mountain in Tien Son commune, Bac Giang's Viet Yen district is among the few pagodas preserving intact its Vietnamese ancient architecture.

Bo Da pagoda is one of the centres of the Buddhist Truc Lam Tam To (three patriarchs of Truc Lam) sect

{keywords}The pagoda still preserves intact its ancient architecture.
{keywords}It features nearly 100 old towers which were built throughout the past three centuries. 
{keywords}The pagoda looks peaceful and sacred

{keywords}It houses nearly 2,000 wood blocks of Buddhist sutras

{keywords}The wood blocks, kept in a wooden house in Tu An Tu, have been listed as a national treasure.


{keywords}The pagoda has 16 building with nearly 100 adjacent sections

{keywords}The pagoda ​is dedicated to three religions of the same root - Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism along with the three Truc Lam (Vietnamese Zen Buddhism) ancestors.

{keywords}A bird's eye view of the pagoda 


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