Cam Thanh – Land of Coconuts in Quang Nam

Last update: 10:49 | 11/01/2018

 Located next to world heritage Hoi An and the world biosphere reserve Cham Islands, Cam Thanh coconut village is a popular tourist attraction, hosting thousands of foreign visitors every summer.

The coconut forest has been growing for 200 years. The variety of coconut, brought by southwestern immigrants, perfectly fit the favorable soil and water conditions of the central region.
{keywords} From only a few hectares, the coconut trees have naturally grown into a forest with a total area of over 100 hectares.
{keywords}For generations, the coconut forest, home to numerous aquatic species, has protected Cam Thanh villagers from waves from the sea and safeguarded the world biosphere reserve Cham Islands.
{keywords}Visitors join a local réident in catching crabs – a local specialty.
{keywords}Just for 150,000 VND (roughly 7 USD), one can rent a basket boat for two visitors to discover the wild beauty of the coconut forest.
{keywords}An animal made from coconut leaves.
{keywords}A girl with a local gift made from water coconut leaves.
{keywords}Traditional fishing method of locals in Cam Thanh.
{keywords}A visitor learns how to use a fishing net


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