Travel license consignment subject to tough sanctions

Last update: 09:00 | 18/05/2018

Travel firms lending or borrowing licenses will face tough punitive sanctions, including a suspension of license for 18 to 24 months and a fine of VND40-50 million, according to a draft Government decree.


Tourists take a basket boat ride in Hoi An City. The draft decree on tourism stipulates travel firms failing to provide customers with insurance will be fined VND15-20 million

Under the draft put forth by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for feedback, a travel license being consigned is compared to a fake license, and the maximum fine for each violation is VND50 million. The violator may also be forced to make compensation for any damages caused by such consignment.

The ministry will send the draft to the Government for issuance to provide guidance for the 2017 Tourism Law after consulting the public between now and July 8.

In the tourism industry, travel services are subject to more stringent conditions, with tougher penalties and higher fines than others. For example, tour operators that do not provide customers with insurance will be fined VND15-20 million while a VND25-30 million fine will be imposed on those that still maintain operation after licenses are revoked.

Besides, travel firms found to have discrimination towards visitors, make unlawful gains from them, or force them to buy commodities or services against their willingness will be fined VND30-40 million. Meanwhile, tour guides who commit these violations will be fined VND15-20 million.

The draft decree also regulates local tour guides without a certificate will risk a VND10-15 million fine while foreign guides working in Vietnam face a higher fine of VND15-20 million.

The ministry said that issuing such a new decree is necessary as the tourism sector has seen more violations that have not yet been regulated in the 2005 Tourism Law.


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