Gia Lai: Postal worker suspended for throwing mail

Last update: 11:16 | 08/08/2018

A postal worker at the Gia Lai Provincial Post Office has just been suspended after a clip showing him throwing mail packages out of a truck went viral.

Director of Gia Lai Provincial Post Office, Le Ba Ngoc, said on Monday that they had suspended Nguyen The Binh, for his bad behaviour which had angered customers.

"We have also reported the issue to the Vietnam Post Corporation," Ngoc said. "We pledge that we'll pay compensation for any damage caused to customers' mail.

Earlier, a short video clip showing a post officer throwing mail from a truck at Gia Lai Post Office went viral. 

The clip which was recorded and posted by a customer at the office showed that many packages were thrown as far as 3-4 metres onto the cement floor by a worker on the truck. 

The packages were then picked up from the floor by a female postal worker who again threw them into a room. 

The clip has received lots of views and comments from the public who all criticised the postal workers for their bad behaviour.


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