2-year-old boy suffers from worms

Last update: 10:53 | 08/08/2018

Doctors at the Viet Duc Hospital have found round worm that damaged the intestines, ileum and cecum of a 2-year-old boy, causing fever and pain for six months. Surgeons removed his ileum and cecum, moving part of his intestine outside of the child’s body.


Part of the boy’s intestine was damaged by worms. — Photo courtesy of Viet Duc Hospital

The boy, from the central city of Vinh, was taken to hospital after suffering from a prolonged high temperature.

Viet Duc Hospital announced on Tuesday that doctors found about 50 holes in a 30-cm part of the boy’s intestine. 

The boy was understood to have been infected because of the larvae of round worm which is usually found on dogs or cats and is easily transmitted from pets to humans.

Doctors said that the boy’s health is improving but he remains hospitalised for further treatment. 

If the worm was found earlier, medical treatment would be more effective, they said. 

They also called on careful management of pets to reduce the risk of disease.  — VNS

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