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Last update: 19:34 | 08/12/2017

Save the Children launches campaign on nutrition

Save the Children has launched a communication campaign, entitled Every Last Child, with a focus on nutrition for ethnic minority children in Việt Nam.

The campaign was launched at a workshop on “Strengthening communication on nutrition for ethnic minority children” on December 8 in Hà Nội.

The global campaign aims to catalyse positive changes for millions of the most vulnerable children in the world, including in Việt Nam.

“In Việt Nam, our objective is to join hands with the Government, institutions, communities, parents and children, and raise awareness on the issues minority children face, in order to improve their nutrition and education,” said Save the Children Country Director, Dragana Strinic.

“This campaign is another step forward in our mission towards improving the nutrition of ethnic minority children nationwide. Save the Children believes that every child deserves to reach their full potential,” added Strinic.

Director of the National Institute of Nutrition, Trương Tuyết Mai, said that about 24.3 per cent of the country’s children under five years of age or 1.9 million stunted children are waiting for breakthrough measures on malnutrition prevention in Việt Nam.  

“More investment should be made towards improving children’s nutrition regimes, healthcare and living in Việt Nam, especially during the first 1,000 days of their lives."   

At the event, participants agreed that priority should be given towards enhancing communication and increasing awareness over nutrition for children, especially among the ethnic minority children.

They said that communication was one of the key interventions to improving nutrition for children, especially among the ethnic minority children. Effective and well-targeted communication on proper nutrition enhances awareness and knowledge that will lead to positive changes in nutrition behaviours, habits and practices of people.

They believed that the campaign would contribute to the efforts of Government agencies to promote investment in and ensure the implementation of the National Nutrition Action Plan 2020.

Việt Nam has made significant progress in reducing the rate of malnutrition in children under the age of five over the last seven years. The proportion of underweight children decreased from 17.5 per cent in 2010 to 13.8 per cent in 2016. However, nearly one quarter of Vietnamese children were stunted - 24.3 per cent in 2016. Stunting among ethnic children under five is nearly two times higher than the rate among Kinh children (32.1 per cent compared to 16.2 per cent).

Japan shares experience in land management

Japan’s experience in land management was introduced at a workshop held in Hanoi on December 8 within the framework of the “initiative and research on Japan-ASEAN strategic policy on land management institution” programme. 

According to Masahito Hatoyama, deputy head of the Land Economy and Construction Industries under Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, land policy in Japan has focused on the planning of cities, farming and forestry land, and parks, and natural disaster response. 

Prof. Shigeru Morichi from the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, said the national land use planning should take account of changes impacting on land management  and challenges to the work.  

To ensure safe and sustainable land use, it is necessary to put forth basic land use guidelines, he added. 

Participants at the workshop also heard a report on outcomes of research studies comparing land policies of Vietnam and Japan.

Application of ICG opens new era in colorectal cancer treatment

In yesterday science seminar themed “ Application of Indocyanine green (ICG) in endoscopy of colon”, director of Tumor Cancer in Hanoi Dr. Tran Van Thuan said colorectal cancer is popular amongst male.

The World Health Organization’s calculation, around 14.1 million fresh cases of cancer are reported in the globe; of which 1.36 million being colorectal cancer. Worse, of 8.2 million cancer-related deaths, nearly 700,000 deaths due to colorectal cancer are also figured out.

In Vietnam, colorectal cancer ranks the fourth of ten popular cancer amongst men with infection cases of 8,000; the number of infections is predicted to rise to over 13,000 cases by 2020.

The cancer is also the second popular cancer amongst female with over 6,000 cases a year. The number of infections is likely to rise to over 11,000 cases by 2020.

For colorectal cancer treatment, application of Indocyanine green (ICG) - a fluorescent dye that has been widely used for fluorescence imaging during hepatobiliary surgery – has opened new era because it improves the visualization of hepatobiliary anatomy and reduces the rate of post-operative complications.

Fire destroys 1,000 s.q meter workshop in Binh Duong ​

A blaze occurred at Binh Nham Packaging Company in Thuan An town of Binh Duong Province this morning. 

Firefighters are trying to control the blaze


Workers said they saw smoke rising and heard an explosion in the 1,000sq meter wood workshop and then the flames quickly spread out and covered all areas of workshop.

Fire spread to coffee shop and destroyed the neighbor’s 400sq meter mushroom growing house.

Binh Duong’s Firefighting department sent 10 fire trucks and dozens of firefighters to the scene to control the fire from spreading to surrounding areas and till 10am today, the fire was extinguished.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Fine art exhibition features Central Highlands land, people

The Alliance of Arts and Literature Association of Vietnam coordinated with the centre of culture, cinema and tourism in Gia Lai province to organise a fine art exhibition featuring land and people of the Central Highlands.

On display were 55 art works made from various materials such as lacquer, oil-on-canvas, silk, and acrylic.

A painting by artist Nguyen Van Trung born in 1982 reflects the water shortage in Central Highlands provinces in the serious dry season in 2016.

Other pieces such as “Duong ve” (The way back), “Me” (Mother) and “Hoa huong duong” (Sunflower) demonstrate the artistic spirit and talent of painters.

The exhibition will run until December 14.

The Central Highlands region comprises Dak Lak, Gia Lai, Kon Tum, Dak Nong, and Lam Dong provinces, with total population of about 5.64 million people and 47 ethnic groups.

Transport Minister works with Hai Phong city on airport expansion

Minister of Transport Nguyen Van The yesterday presided over a meeting with the People’s Committee of Hai Phong city and relevant agencies to implement the Prime Minister’s requirement on Cat Bi airport adjustment and expansion. 

According to Minister The, Cat Bi terminals, aprons and taxiways do not meet development requirements so it is necessary to be upgraded.

He asked relevant agencies to review the airport’s plan and suggested Vietnam Aviation Corporation and VietJet Aviation Joint Stock Company to propose the policy of building some works in the airport within 15 days for consideration and estimation.

Deputy chairman of Hai Phong city People’s Committee Nguyen Xuan Binh said that the city would take responsibility for site clearance and making a proposal to choose investors for the project.

In addition, he suggested the Ministry of Transport and relevant agencies to continue assisting Hai Phong city to develop traffic infrastructure including Cat Bi airport.

Not all family members listed in land certificates

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has issued a circular suspending a regulation that requires the names of all members of a family be written down on the land ownership certificate.

According to Tuoi Tre newspaper, the minister has asked the General Department of Land Administration (GDLA) to instruct the implementation of Circular 53/2017, which went into force on December 5.

Local governments, natural resources and environment departments, and relevant individuals and organizations are responsible for executing the circular.

Difficulties in implementing the circular should be timely reported to the ministry.

The ministry said the regulation is in line with the 2013 Land Law. However, it asked the Prime Minister for permission to delay it so that local authorities will have time to prepare and people to understand the benefits of all family members being named in the land ownership certificate.

The suspension of the rule comes after media reports warned it would lead to an upsurge in disputes among family members.

Thu Dau Mot recognized as first-class city

The Prime Minister has signed a decision on recognizing Thu Dau Mot as a first-class city under the southern province of Binh Duong.

Thu Dau Mot city is the economic and administrative center of Binh Duong province. Located in the southern key economic region and the Ho Chi Minh City region, Thu Dau Mot holds a special position, lying on HCM City’s radial arterial road and the HCM City-Thu Dau Mot-Chon Thanh Expressway.

It is an independent satellite city of the regional core city, featuring the functions of a clean and hi-tech industrial park with a high technology content, national and international tourism route and site, the training center of the region, and the national and regional-level service center.

In addition, Thu Dau Mot is a city with the role of creating links and facilitating Binh Duong’s socio-economic and cultural development, and is also the core city of the province, with its satellite cities being the districts’ centers via interprovincial routes. 

At present, Thu Dau Mot city has been exerting great efforts and has already reached a number of significant outcomes, with the economic structure transforming positively towards increasing the proportion of services and industry. 

The city has been developing towards civilization and modernity, whilst focusing on upgrading its technical and social infrastructure and gradually developing itself towards green, clean, beautiful and smart one with the people’s living conditions enhanced. 

The recognition of Thu Dau Mot as a first-class city under Binh Duong province is expected to create an important driving force for the city to develop in line with the national and provincial city development direction programs.  

Hydrofoil services to Can Gio slated to start

GreenlinesDP, which operates hydrofoils between Ho Chi Minh City and Vung Tau, is set to add services to Can Gio from the two cities as from December 23.

There will be four trips either way between downtown HCM City and Can Gio district and eight trips either way between Can Gio and Vung Tau.

They will operate from Bach Dang Wharf in District 1 – rather than Nha Rong Pier in District 4, from where Greenlines operates its hydrofoils to Vung Tau and Thanh An Wharf in Can Gio.

In Vung Tau, the hydrofoils will continue to berth at Ho May Wharf.

Can Gio residents and officials are entitled to a 50 percent discount, while it is free for disabled people.

The company plans to operate boats with 50, 96 and 136 seats.

HCMC Chairman Phong explains taxation, preschool management

As per suggestion of Chairwoman of People’s Council Nguyen Thi Quyet Tam on December 6, Chairman of Ho Chi MInh City People’s Committee Nguyen Thanh Phong had explanations of preschool quality and taxation management. 

Upon the preschool management, Mr. Phong affirmed agencies and local governments always take heeds to adopt preferential policies for development of preschool education.

Annually, HCMC allocates around VND3,400 billion, accounting for 11.7 percent for education and training excluding regular spending; of the amount, VND1,300 billion is poured into preschool education, accounting for 3.8 percent.

Building and expanding preschool are included government stimulus package which investors are eligible for borrowing up to VND100 billion. Since 2014, the city has approved 14 preschool projects in the stimulus package with total investment of VND 916 billion; moreover, additional 81 other projects in the program to call for social contribution for building preschool with total investment of VND4,339 billion.

Averagely, the city has more 240 rooms for preschool children yearly. At present, the city has 1,200 preschools with 15,500 rooms. In nine districts with industrial parks and export processing zones, there are 600 facilities accounting for 50 percent.

Chairman Phong assessed that for years, network of non-public preschools is mushrooming; therefore, it helps reducing pressure for public schools. However, in some districts, local governments are to neglect supervision and training for teaching staffs leading to child abuse.

HCMC authorities has adopted measures to dress teaching and taking care of kids in private nurseries. 

For instance, People’s Committee asked local administrations to instruct owners of private schools to complete paperwork as well as issue harsh punishment on violators. Owners are encouraged to install cameras.

In addition, local governments also enhance supervision on food safety and education for children.

Furthermore, relevant agencies will publicize licensed and unlicensed schools for parents to choose. Chiefs are local governments assigned duty and they are held accountable to the People’s Committee. Hence, if child abuse takes place, head of local government will have to assume full responsibility to the city.

When it comes to questions on taxation, Chairman Phong said that HCMC authorities continued solving barriers for taxpayers; moreover, all procedures are transparent. 

Besides, it adopted new policy called “one door” in Vietnamese, meaning businesses only have to work with one agency instead of many – like stepping through only one door – to have their paperwork cleared.

So far, the city has sent SMS messages and email to facilitate taxpayers. A website was designed for start-up firms which really assisted 13,435 enterprises to solve its taxation difficulties.

99.4 percent of enterprises have registered to declare tax and 97.8 percent of enterprises registered to pay tax electronically, Mr. Phong informed. In November, the city collected the tax arrears and issued fines of VND3,688 billion to 19,104 firms.

Next time, HCMC will complete project to collect fees which have not collected before as well it will continue stepping up administrative reform, hi-tech application in taxation management and conversation exchange with enterprises.

Agreeing with the opinion on remaining debts, Chairman Phong confirmed relevant agencies will collect all debts and adopt measures against losses and create healthy environment in business. Relevant agencies will focus on major issues such as dubious banking transactions, capital transferring; e-commerce management.

One of important deed in the tax sector is to correct employees’ harassing behaviors. Mr. Phong said city leaders will keep tax payment procedure under observation; moreover, relevant agencies will send a confidential letter asking tax employees’ conduct on duty to have timely arrangement.

Medical workers in schools trained drug prevention

The Department of Education and Training in Ho Chi Minh City and its subdivisions, organized training courses on drug prevention for medical workers in schools.

In order to implement some important missions in drug prevention in schools for the academic year 2017-2018 according to the Ministry of Education and Training’s guideline plus proving training for medical staffs in senior high school and continuous vocational training centers, 300 medical workers in schools will take part in the course.

They will be trained how to identify some new drugs and how these drugs affect students, amendments of drug prevention law, some decrees and circulars on management of addicts after finishing post rehabilitation program to avoid relapse, of those who voluntarily do rehabilitation at homes or in the community.

After theory training, all medical workers will make a fact-finding tour to the rehabilitation center No.3 in the southern province of Binh Duong’s Phu Giao District.

Int’l conference on English training held in Thai Nguyen

Managers, teachers and researchers involving in English training and representatives from the Ministry of Education and Training and the US Embassy in Vietnam gathered in Thai Nguyen city, the same name province, on December 7-8 to seek ways to promote the language’s training.

The third international workshop on English training or VietTESOL was held by Thai Nguyen University in collaboration with the Management Board of the 2020 National Foreign Languages Project, the US Embassy, and the British Council.

The event, themed “English Language Education in Diverse Contexts”, aims to exchange experience and initiatives on teaching English, while expanding the network of English language teachers, educators, and researchers in Vietnam and in the Southeast Asian nations.

Participants were updated on new approaches to and effective reforms in researching and practising ways of teaching English, thereby seeking appropriate measures for the reality in Vietnam.

Addressing the opening ceremony, James Dean Brow from the US’s Hawai’I highlighted the impacts of the globalisation, internationalisation, regionalisation and localisation, adding that English language education has witnessed changes in policies and approaches where English is considered a global language.

Hoang Van Van from the Vietnam National University – Hanoi underlined the need to develop an English education programme meeting the European standards in terms of learning, teaching and evaluating, saying that such a programme should be piloted before being applied nationwide.

Participants heard nearly 200 reports by 168 speakers, with focus on strategies for learners, English language and skills teaching, teaching methods, evaluation, curricula development.

They also attended numerous academic and cultural exchanges during the event.

The first and second VietTESOLs took place at the Hanoi National University of Education in 2014 and 2015.-VNA

Quang Ninh province to expand sexual and reproductive health care

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) said reproductive health problems are a leading cause of ill health and death for women and girls of childbearing age in developing countries.

Over the past few years, Quang Ninh province has paid much attention to making sure that all citizens from rural to urban areas receive appropriate medical services for sexual and reproductive health. Its progress has caught the attention of the UN agency, which promotes health and equal opportunities for all people. 

VOV reporter followed UNFPA’s delegation to visit health centers in Van Don district, Quang Ninh province.

Our first stop was 26-year-old Lieu Thi Tan’s small house near the river that she borrowed from a relative. Since Tan got married to her husband, who is a fisherman, they have been living and going fishing every day on their boat. She has been staying at her relative’s house since she gave birth to her second child two months ago. During her pregnancy with both children, she only went on shore when it was time for her regular prenatal check-up. 

“The medical staff from the communal health center have taken very good care of me," Tan said. 

"They kept track of my pregnancy and called to remind me every time the prenantal check-up was due, or to take injections. They helped me give birth as well,” Tan noted.

Reproductive health care is the daily work of the staff at Van Yen commune’s health center. There are 4 officials at the facility, 2 assistant doctors and 2 nurses, who take care of more than 1400 citizens. The population is thinly scattered due to the mountainous terrain, but the staff try to make sure all people get their services.

“We have a total of 30 expectant mothers in the commune, all of whom get 4 prenatal check-ups, and none has to give birth at home. We also go to their houses for postnatal check-ups. Previously, it took much effort to persuade people to receive medical care. But now they tend to have fewer children and are already aware of reproductive health care. We have contraceptive injections and pills, birth control implants, and free men condoms,” said Le Thi Chien, who has been working at the center for 30 years.

Chien took the visitors on a tour of the clinics at her health center, and introduced their services. Bjorn Andersson, regional director of UNFPA Asia-Pacific commented:“The medical staff are doing a heroic job. The nurses and doctors here have c;pse contact with the patients. With a pregnant woman, I’m sure they also discuss with her other health issues.”

The tour continued to the obstetrics department of Van Don district’s health center. In addition to regular prenatal check-ups and normal delivery, the department is also in charge of emergencies such as ectopic pregnancies, twisted ovarian cysts, and postnatal uterine bleeding.

For the past 10 years, the department has had a program to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission, in which nearly 100% of children have tested negative for HIV. The department also takes samples and sends them to provincial hospitals for cervical cancer testing.

Doctor Vu Thi Thanh Thuy, head of the department, appreciates the close connection between the district’s health center and higher-level hospitals.

“Higher-level health centers and hospitals often send doctors to our center to help us diagnose and treat patients with serious diseases, including emergency operations and endoscopic cervical disectomy surgery. For patients in critical condition, we get a lot of support when we transfer them to provincial hospitals. This close connection has helped us improve our operation remarkably,” Thuy noted.

Bjorn told VOV his impressions after visiting the health centers in Van Don district. "I got a very good impression of what was happening in the clinics and how the patients seem to be treated. What was interesting for me is that I could engage in dialogues with a patient and then with the district level, so I could see the whole chain”, said Mr Bjorn Andersson.

Since the UNFPA became active in Viet Nam in 1977, it has been paying much attention to improving people’s access to quality sexual and reproductive health services through better population data and policy dialogues. Bjorn believes what he learned from the visits is a great example of Vietnam’s progress in ensuring sexual and reproductive health care and useful information for regional countries.

“What I think is beneficial both UNFPA and Vietnam is the interaction how the UNFPA can bring new ideas to Vietnam and how we can take what works for Vietnam to the regional and global level. Vietnam has a great capacity,” he said.   

Tâm wins fifth stage of cycling event

With a strong dash at the end, former national cyclist Nguyễn Thành Tâm defeated Lê Nguyệt Minh on December 7 to win the fifth stage of the Bình Dương Television Cycling Tournament, Ống Nhựa Hoa Sen Cup.

Tâm of Gạo Hạt Ngọc Trời An Giang won the 89km-section from Pleiku City in Gia Lai Province to Đắk Tô District in Kon Tum Province, finishing with a time of 2:06.10. He was followed by brothers Lê Nguyệt Minh and Lê Văn Duẩn of VUS-HCM City.

It is the first time Tâm has won a stage in this tournament.

Although Phạm Quốc Cường of Domesco Pharmacy Đồng Tháp didn’t finish in the top three, he still held the yellow jersey for the best overall time of 15:38.46 after five stages.

Minh retained the green jersey award as the best sprinter with 63 points, while the white jersey for best young cyclist is still held by Nguyễn Minh Luận of the senior Việt Nam national team.

The team rankings are unchanged: VUS-HCM City in the lead followed by Domesco Pharmacy Đồng Tháp and Gạo Hạt Ngọc Trời An Giang.

On December 8 morning, cyclists will compete doing 20 laps around Đại Đoàn Kết Square in Pleiku City.

Korea’s band NCT 127 meets fans in Hà Nội

Members of the South Korean boyband NCT 127 greet hundreds of Vietnamese fans and local media at a press conference held in Lotte Hotel in Hà Nội on Wednesday. 

Formed by the S.M. Entertainment, the nine-member band is based in Seoul, with the number ‘127’ representing the longitude coordinate of Seoul.

The band scored the ‘New Asian Artist’ award at the MAMAs (Mnet Asian Music Awards) 2017 in Hong Kong on December 1. 

They released their first mini album NCT#127 with the theme track Fire Truck last July. 

Their second mini album, NCT#127 Limitless was released in January 2017. The album is filled with a mix of Korean and English language phrases and spoken rap. Entertainment

HCM City issues new land division regulations

HCM City People’s Committee has issued new land division regulations which allow large plots of land to be divided into smaller plots, including land plots that have been part of delayed plans that have yet to be implemented.

The new regulations take effect on January 1.

Under the new Decision 60, which was issued on December 5, the criteria for the area and minimum width will vary depending on three zones.  

For zone 1 (inner city), including districts 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, Gò Vấp, Bình Thạnh, Phú Nhuận, Tân Bình and Tân Phú, the divided land plots must each have a minimum area of 36 sq.m and width of at least three metres long.

For Zone 2, (districts experiencing fast urbanisation), including district 2, 7, 9, 12, Bình Tân and Thủ Đức, the divided land plots must each have a minimum area of 50 sq.m and width of at least four metres long.

For Zone 3 (outlying districts), including districts Bình Chánh, Củ Chi, Hóc Môn, Nhà Bè and Cần Giờ, the land plots must have a minimum area of 80 sq.m and width of at least five metres.  

The new regulations on land division require a minimum area of 500 sq .m for a plot of farmland with annual crops, and at least 1,000 sq.m for farmland used for industrial plants, aquaculture and salt-marsh.

Under the new regulations, land users have the power over land, as stipulated in the Land Law 2014, for plots in areas not suited for agricultural production and for plots in areas that will not be restored under zoning plans.

With the new regulations, people in HCM City, especially those living on land plots that have been part of long-delayed plans, can now legally divide their land plots into smaller plots, which they were not allowed to do in the past because of planned projects on that land (which have been delayed).

According to Decision 60, if there is no plan to develop the land after three years, residents living on land under delayed projects can move on to divide their land plots.

People in Hoàng Đạo Thúy Street in An Phú Tây Commune in outlying Bình Chánh District, for example, which have been waiting for 24 years for plans to be developed on their land, will now be allowed to divide their land plots.  

“We now can divide land plots for our children for them to build temporary houses to live while waiting for the planning to be carried out,” said Cao Thanh Bùi, 50, of Bình Chánh District.

The new regulations replace Decision 33 which was issued by HCM City People’s Committee in 2014. Under the latter, each new plot of land had to be at least 50 sq.m and four metres wide.

War veterans of Vietnamese, Lao provinces intensify cooperation

The War Veteran Associations of central Thanh Hoa province and Laos’ Houaphan province signed their cooperation agreement for 2018-2019 on December 7.

Under the document, the two sides pledged to continue dissemination to help their chapters at all levels and members have a thorough grasp of the two Parties and States’ laws and policies and the traditional friendship, special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between the two countries and between Thanh Hoa and Houaphan.

They agreed to encourage their members to join in movements to protect national border sovereignty and security, while asking the association chapters in border districts to actively coordinate with the border guard forces in protecting the border line and markers as well as in fighting illegal migration and cross-border smuggling.

Both sides will regularly organise exchanges to share experience in economic development. The War Veteran Association of Houaphan will encourage its members to help search for remains of Vietnamese volunteer soldiers who laid down their lives in Laos during wartime.

On the day, the War Veteran Association of Thanh Hoa province was awarded with the Labour Order, third class, of Laos.

Finland’s 100th Independence Day marked in Hanoi

A get-together was held in Hanoi on December 7 to celebrate the 100th Independence Day of Finland (December 6).

The event drew the participation of Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and President of the Vietnam-Finland Friendship Association Ha Cong Tuan, Finnish Ambassador to Vietnam Kari Kahiluoto, among others.

Addressing the event, Tuan lauded the growth of Finland in all fields, while thanking Finnish people for supporting Vietnam during the past struggle for independence and the post-war hardship time through building water supply works, hospitals and shipyards.

Vietnam always treasures the traditional friendship with Finland, stated Tuan, noting that the Government and people of Finland have continued their help for Vietnam, including renovations in all fields.

He held that in the new period, the two countries are eyeing new development cooperation opportunities and advantages to developing bilateral ties, including contributions of the 9,000-Vietnamese community in Finland.

For his part, Finnish Ambassador to Vietnam Kari Kahiluoto thanked the Vietnam Union of Friendship Associations and the Vietnam-Finland Friendship Association for organising the event.

He expressed his belief that friendship between the two countries will thrive in economy, culture, and education. The diplomat affirmed that the Finnish Embassy in Vietnam always supports activities to strengthen bilateral traditional ties.

Vietnam Medipham Expo opens in Hanoi

The International Medical, Hospital and Pharmaceutical Exposition (Vietnam Medipharm Expo) 2017 opened in Hanoi on December 7.

The expo featured 200 booths of 150 enterprises from 18 countries and territories, including India, the Republic of Korea (RoK), Canada, Germany, the US, Thailand, China, Australia and the host Vietnam.

It aims to introduce the latest medical achievements, machines, technologies and techniques in the medical-pharmaceutical sector of many countries in the world and Vietnam.

Statistics showed that compared to 2016, the number of foreign firms joining this year’s event rose by 15 percent, while domestic businesses also increased 10 percent.

The new features of this year’s exhibition include the introduction of pharmaceuticals of Iranian firms, dental equipment of RoK companies, and Indian medicines and medical equipment.

The expo has also given a chance for participants to visit hospitals and opportunities for businesses to seek partnerships.

The expo will last until December 9.

UN Int’l Day of Solidarity with Palestinians marked in Hanoi

A ceremony marking the United Nations International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People was held in Hanoi on December 7.

Co-organised by the Union of Friendship Organisations of Hanoi, the Palestinian Embassy in Vietnam, the Vietnam Committee for Solidarity with Palestinian People, and the Vietnam-Palestine Friendship Association, the event aimed to enhance solidarity and friendship between the Vietnam people and the Palestinians.

A congratulatory letter by Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang was read at the ceremony, affirming Vietnam’s consistent support to the Palestinian people’s righteous cause in their struggle for fundamental national rights.

Meanwhile the congratulatory message from UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres read at the event expressed the UN chief’s belief that the two-state solution recognised by the UN General Assembly’s Resolution 181 is the only premise for a just, lasting and comprehensive peace.

Speaking at the event, Venezuelan Ambassador to Vietnam Jorge Rondon Uzcategui, head of the diplomatic corps, reaffirmed the Venezuelan people’s solidarity with the Palestinians. 

For his part, Palestinian Ambassador to Vietnam Saadi Salama thanked the Vietnamese Government and people for their consistent support to Palestine. 

He stressed that Vietnam’s victories not only showed valuable lessons but also added strength and encouragement to the Palestinian people to pursue their struggle for independence and freedom. 

On the occasion, a documentary entitled “This is Palestine” was screened, helping the audiences get a better understanding about Palestine.

VFFCC President meets RMIT leader in Australia visit

President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee (VFFCC) Tran Thanh Man met with senior executives of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on December 7.

Man, accompanied by Vietnamese Ambassador to Australia Ngo Huong Nam at the meeting, is making a tour of Australia from December 6-10.

At the event, Vice-Chancellor and President of RMIT Martin Bean spoke highly of the educational cooperation between Vietnam and Australia in recent years in accordance with the two countries’ agreements, including the agreement in education and training for the 2013-2018 period, the Australia-Vietnam Human Resources Development Programme from 2016-2020, and the Australia Awards Scholarships.

The VFFCC President, for his part, was delighted at RMIT’s launch of new programmes – bachelor’s degrees in Design Studies, Tourism and Hospitality Management, and Languages – in Vietnam this year. He said he looks forward to the university introducing a Graduate Certificate in Business Startups in the future.

He hoped that RMIT will provide short-term courses in English language and administrative management for staff at the VFFCC and support the committee’s new centre for training and science studies which will be operational by the end of 2018.

Later the same day, Man visited a high-tech farm of fruits and vegetables, namely Lotus, on the outskirts of Melbourne run by Thai Son, a Vietnamese expat.

Before leaving Melbourne for Sydney, VFFCC President Man and Ambassador Nam had a talk with Vietnamese Business Association of Australia.

Vietnam officials attend Malaysian ruling party’s congress

A delegation from the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) is in Malaysia to attend the 71st annual congress of the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) Party in Kuala Lumpur from December 5-8.

The congress gathered over 5,800 delegates representing 3.2 million UMNO members, along with representatives from 17 political parties from 14 countries. 

The Vietnamese delegation is led by Nguyen Van Hung, a member of the CPV Central Committee and Secretary of the Quang Tri Provincial Party Committee.

In his speech at the opening session, UMNO leader and Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak highlighted the ruling party’s great role and contributions to the country’s development. He also reaffirmed maintaining the policies related to national reconciliation, social security, self-reliance, and pledged to promote the role of the Islamic community in national unity. 

During their stay, the Vietnamese delegates paid a courtesy call to PM Najib Razak and had a meeting with UMNO General Secretary Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, during which the Malaysian side congratulated Vietnam on the successful hosting of the APEC Economic Leaders’ Week 2017, and expressed their deep impression of Vietnam’s great achievements.

They highly evaluated the friendship and cooperation between the two parties and States, expressing the hope that these ties will be stronger in the future, contributing to fostering the Vietnam-Malaysia multi-faceted relations.

The Vietnamese guests spoke highly of Malaysia’s achievements in national construction and development under the leadership of the UMNO, and wished the party a victory in the upcoming general election. 

On the sidelines of the congress, the Vietnamese delegation also met and exchanged views on issues of common concern with other international delegations.

Save the Children launches campaign on nutrition, Japan shares experience in land management, Application of ICG opens new era in colorectal cancer treatment, Firefighters are trying to control the blaze