Made-in-Vietnam cytochemical stain kit can detect acute leukaemia

Last update: 10:04 | 21/04/2018

VietNamNet Bridge  - After 30 years of research, Lieutenant Colonel Tran Van Tinh, director of the Center for Hematology and Blood Transfusion at Hospital 198, has created a cytochemical stain kit which diagnoses acute leukaemia at the high accuracy rate of 85 percent.


This is a 10-in-1 testing kit

This is the first kit in Vietnam that integrates 10 techniques.

According to the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, acute leukaemia accounts for the highest proportion, 32.1 percent, of total blood diseases treated at the Bach Mai Hospital in Hanoi, one of the largest hospitals in Vietnam. 

But there are difficulties in diagnosing the disease. For many years, the classification of cell lines and disease types has been carried out with three methods: immunology, genetics and cytochemical stains. 

Of these, cytochemical stains are the cheapest with the cost one-fourth of the cost of the marker method and 1/10 of the genetics method. This can be carried out without modern machines and is easily implemented.

However, the testing kits are not only expensive but also contain some technical shortcomings.

However, the shortcomings can be fixed as Tinh has created a 10-in-1 cytochemical stain kit, integrated with 10 techniques, which simplifies the process, reduces the staining process, avoids mistakes, and improves the diagnosing efficiency.

The kit optimizes 10 cytochemical stain techniques and integrates them into a single kit which has high sensitivity and specificity levels.

In other words, the kit optimizes 10 cytochemical stain techniques and integrates them into a single kit which has high sensitivity and specificity levels.

A biomedical technician commented that the 10-in-1 kit has special significance to three groups of subjects as it helps ease their workload.

As for testers, since they don’t have to make up chemicals, they will be able to carry out the tests more quickly and conveniently with lower toxicity, while the results will be more homogenous.

As for physicians, as 10 specimens can be collected from one test, the test can diagnose a number of diseases at once. 

The testing kit also has a chemical that helps stain insoluble enzyme in oil, thus allowing physicians to hold consultations many times, which has special significance in hematology.  

As for patients, the kit will help reduce the time needed for diagnosis and give results at a high accuracy rate of 85 percent.

Tinh said the test will help ease the pressure on central hospitals. Eighty-five out of every 100 patients will be diagnosed when they go to provincial hospitals and only 15 patients will have to go to central hospitals.


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