Greater efforts to build a facilitating government

Last update: 18:27 | 31/12/2017

Cabinet members have been resolute in building a facilitating government this year and their efforts have resulted in socio-economic achievements, a better investment environment, a more streamlined administrative reform, and a GDP growth rate of 6.81%.


Building a facilitating government reflects the Party’s continued efforts in the last 30 years to boost the national growth and prosperity.

Government leaders have repeatedly mentioned “facilitating government” as a motto of action in meetings throughout 2017. These efforts have paid off.

Flexible, proactive management

According to economist Vo Tri Thanh, a facilitating government means a capable, transparent, and accountable government and a government that has good vision and policies. A facilitating government is also a government that is friendly and interactive with society, people, markets, and enterprises and that creates and shares development achievements. 

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said, “A facilitating government is a government that creates policies and laws to boost the national growth. Vietnam should provide one of the most attractive business environments in ASEAN and OECD. The facilitating government also aims to serve the people with social security and social welfares, particularly health care, education, sports and culture.”

This year the government has concentrated on reforming institutions and improving the business climate. A number of policies have been implemented creating conditions for businesses to grow. At the same time many investment barriers have been eliminated.  

The government has focused resources on localities, enterprises, and sectors that have growth potential. As a result, many projects were implemented earlier than scheduled.

In regard to equitization and divestment, the government focused on selected enterprises like Sabeco and Vinamilk.

Effective framework for Vietnam to advance

British Ambassador to Vietnam Giles Lever said that since the Vietnamese government changed from administrative order to a facilitating government, Vietnam has gained remarkable achievements, particularly in improving the investment environment, streamlining administrative procedures, and promoting e-government. In addition, the government has responded promptly to arising problems. 

WB Country Director in Vietnam Ousmane Dione said  “As the year comes to close, we would like to congratulate the government’s several important achievements in 2017. Vietnam has witnessed growth and macro-economic stability, low single deficit inflation, stable exchange rates and strengthening international position. I’m also encouraged by progress in several areas of strategic reform, attractive business environment, Nanking sector, public investment as well as fiscal and budget management.”

International donors praised Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc’s determination to build a facilitating government saying it will boost Vietnam’s growth. 

Vice Chairman of the US Chamber of Commerce in Asia James Fatheree said, “I’m impressed with the dynamism of the country, the opportunity here, the commitments the State of Vietnam made and TPP negotiation. Vietnam has been moving in a positive direction in recent years. We applaud the efforts and commitments that have been made and hope to see Vietnam build on its APEC Year to move with further progress in economic reform and opening the market.”

Prime Minister Phuc said the Vietnamese government will continue to build a facilitating government in 2018 with more resolute to boost growth and prosperity.


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