Ly Son searches for water scarcity solutions

Last update: 14:54 | 03/04/2019

Residents in Ly Son Island, Quang Ngai Province, have expressed concern about the shortage of underground water as drought looms over the island as summer starts.



Ly Son lacks water for daily lives and agriculture

Ly Son’s underground water sources are becoming increasingly scarce. According to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the island had had nearly no rainfall since early year and the dry season nears.

Moreover, they also have to face saltwater intrusion. In An Vinh Commune, the sea has encroached upon 300-500 metres beach and around 100-200 metres in An Binh Commune. Demand for clean water has increased with the number of visitors. Last year, the island welcomed 230,000 visitors and 23,000 visitors in the first three months of 2019.

Many major construction projects are being built on the island including the central square and Ly Son Central Market. It is thought that building too many constructions at the same time on the island which is located on the dormant volcano has worsened the water shortage.

There are a total 2,100 wells in Ly Son providing 15,500 cubic metres of water a day while the demand is over 21,500 cubic metres a day.

Ly Son Vice Chairwoman Pham Thi Huong said, "We also need water for agriculture. We’ve advised farmers to plant crops that don't need much water."

Huong went on to say that they have suggested building a pipe to connect water sources on the mainland or invest in desalination plants for drinking water.

Lao Dong/Dtinews

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