Teacher sacked for forcing pupil to eat jelly

Last update: 14:04 | 06/04/2019

A teacher in Hung Yen Province has been sacked after punishing a 6th grader by demanding he eat 20 bags of jelly as a punishment.



The jelly that the teacher asks her student to eat. Photo by Phapluat& Dansinh

The Department of Education and Training in Hung Yen Province announced that the head teacher of Class 6A3 at Lien Nghia Secondary School had been fired since April 1.

According to the report from Lien Nghia Secondary School, the pupil had been violated the rules several times and often ate snacks during class. The head-teacher Bui Thi Trang had used several punishments but couldn't prevent him from breaking the rules again.

On March 9, Trang had made the pupil go to the toilet where he was supposed to eat 20 bags of jelly as punishment. Three other pupils were sent to keep an eye on him. After eating 10 bags of jelly, the pupil felt nauseous so the punishment was stopped. However, he had a stomach ache after going home so his family filed a complaint to the school administration.

The school administration asked Trang to report the case after receiving the news. Trang and the school's deputy head, Hoang Van Dien, also visited and apologised to the pupil. Trang was suspended for three days as punishment.

On April 1, Van Giang District People's Committee and the Department of Education and Training asked the school to fire the teacher.

Tien Phong/Dtinews

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