Democracy actively implemented in schools in HCM City

Last update: 11:28 | 21/06/2018

The Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) Department of Education and Training has just announced its plan to implement the democracy regulation in 2018 among educational institutes in the city.


Democracy actively implemented in schools in HCMC 

The plan is to promote democracy among state officials and teachers while raising awareness on responsibilities of managers.

According to this document, heads of Divisions of Education and Training in 24 urban as well as suburban districts, principals of colleges, vocational schools, high schools, managers of related offices and continuing education centers are responsible for building a plan to implement the democracy regulation in their unit.

They must also carefully and seriously write annual work performance of teachers and officials in their unit.

Certain tasks are particularly focused, including publicizing the plan for the academic year, the recruitment policy, the employee assignment, the level of redundancy payment, the professional training and re-training process, operation regulations, the employment agreement, the use of reward fund, welfare fund, and employee fund, the annual financial report.

In addition, all units have to actively promote related laws on democracy implementation in educational institutes, praise typical cases of people that are excellent in democracy implementation.


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