Stock accounts opened by foreign investors post record increase

Last update: 15:29 | 12/01/2018

Vietnam Securities Depository reported that there were 447 foreign investors granted with transaction codes in the stock market last December, higher than the previous month when it reached 428 investors.


That was an impressive number because December usually sees the lowest number of registrations every year, it said.

Of the 447 investors, there were 28 organizations and 419 individuals.

In the entire year of 2017, 23,506 foreign investors got transaction codes including 3,550 organizations and 19,956 individuals.

The number of newly registered foreign investors was quite similar to eventful trading activities by the foreign sector in December in HCMC Stock Exchange with purchase and sale values reaching VND17,419 bilion (US$767 million) and VND16,293 billion respectively.

Positive transactions by the foreign sector in 2017 was one of the important motive powers supporting the market rally.


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