AI early diagnosis could save heart and cancer patients

Last update: 14:20 | 03/01/2018

Another AI system is looking for signs of lung cancer. It searches for large clumps of cells called nodules. Doctors can't tell whether these clumps are harmless or will go on to become cancerous and so patients go on to have several more scans to see how the nodules develop.


The lung cancer system can give very early warning of the disease. -- Photo: BBC NEWS

However, clinical trials have shown that this AI system can rule out the harmless cases - saving the NHS money and patients several months of anxiety. And it can also diagnose lung cancer much earlier.

The system is also being commercialised by a start-up company called Optellium. Its chief science and technology officer, Dr Timor Kadir, says that trials of the system in Manchester suggest that more than 4,000 lung cancer patients a year could be diagnosed much earlier and so have a much greater chance of survival.

"Rather than focus on cost savings, within a resource-constrained system such as the NHS, we're really looking at how to offer better healthcare to more people for the same proportion of GDP. This is the potential of AI in the UK."

Dr Kadir estimates that the lung cancer diagnosis system could save £10bn if it was adopted in the US and the European Union.

Source: BBC

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