Nam Dinh church ruins - witness of climate change

Last update: 15:55 | 12/07/2018

10 years ago, Xuong Dien Parish in Hai Ly commune, Hai Hau district, the northern province of Nam Dinh saw its Church of Heart severely intruded by saltwater.

The incident turned the church and two nearby fishing villages Xuong Dien and Van Ly into vestiges
{keywords}A damaged bell tower is what remain of the then Church of Heart
{keywords}A closer look at the decoration of the bell tower
{keywords}Nam Dinh authorities have built a sea dike around the area, making it a popular tourist destination
{keywords}Two women from the Xuong Dien fishing village of Hai Ly commune are catching fish near the church ruins

{keywords}Other vestiges of the Xuong Dien Parish church 


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