'Queen of Primates' on Son Tra Peninsula

Last update: 15:51 | 12/07/2018

The Son Tra Peninsula, about 10km in the northeast of downtown Da Nang city, is home to about 300-400 red shanked douc langurs, a rare species deemed the "Queen of Primates".

Covering over 4,400ka of land, the Son Tra forest habours hundreds of animal species, including the red shanked douc langur which is indigenous to Indochina
{keywords}The forest provides the most abundant food supply for the red shanked douc langur between April and June, when trees change their leaves
{keywords}Two red shanked douc langurs are spotted on 'than mat tim' (Callerya atropurpurea) trees whose flowers are favourite food of the animal
{keywords}The red shanked douc langur, first known in 1771, is on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species
{keywords}International trade on the species is also prohibited by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora - CITES


{keywords}The animal is nicknamed 'Queen of Primates' because of its beauty with colourful hair
An outstanding feature of the red shanked douc langur is the expressive face
{keywords}The animal often seeks food in the morning and afternoon and rests at noon and night on high branches 


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