Unique headwear of La Hu women

Last update: 15:09 | 10/01/2018

For women in the La Hu community in Muong Te district, the northern mountainous province of Lai Chau, their intricate and unique headdresses show their desire for living in harmony with nature.

A reddish brown plastic ring used for fixing hair is the first step of wearing a La Hu headdress.
{keywords} The scarf - the second layer of the headwear is carefully folded before being worn.

The third layer of the headdress has long fringe on the back.
{keywords} A woman will need help from others in putting on the third layer of the headwear beautifully and properly.
{keywords} The fringe forms the last layer of the headdress.
{keywords} La Hu women keep their hair long to wear their elegant traditional headdresses.
{keywords} The headdress seen from behind.
{keywords} Fringe makes the headwear look beautiful.
{keywords} La Hu young women in Bum To commune, Muong Te district in traditional costumes sing and dance in the village cultural house.


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