Village preserves the trade of making traditional toys for Mid-autumn festival

Last update: 10:00 | 30/09/2017

Hao village in Lieu Xa commune, Yen My district, Hung Yen province has the time-honoured history of making traditional toys for Mid-autumn Festival.


In the past, the village’s major product was the drum, but now the villagers also make star-shaped lantern, masks, and lion-headed masks to meet the increasing demand of customers

All products in the village are handmade using natural material such as bamboo, rattan, paper, and paperboard.

The most favoured products which have established the reputation of Hao villagers are the festive drums.

The making of the drums requires a lot of meticulousness, patience and techniques from the craftsmen.

Vu Dac Dung is one of mastered craftsmen at making festive drums in Hao village.

Throughout his 40-years of work experience, Dung has made numerous drums which are highly appreciated for producing a great sound.

A craftsman prepares a wooden board to make the drum’s body.

Vu Huy Dong was born into a family of three generations of making paper masks.

A boy testing a drum, with long lines of colourful paper masks on display behind.

Nhan Dan

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