Hanoi turns purple with giant crape-myrtle flowers

Last update: 17:18 | 19/05/2017

Hanoi’s summer is welcomed by not only the songs of cicadas, the calls of koels and the reddish hues of flamboyant flowers, but also the bright purple tones of giant crape-myrtle flowers, known in Vietnamese as bang lang.


Giant crape-myrtle flowers add a touch of purple to the summer of Hanoi every May.

The purple flowers help to make the atmosphere more pleasant on the city’s frequent scorching hot days.

A street section is naturally decorated with giant crape-myrtle flowers.

The giant crape-myrtle is a native plant of India, hence its other name, Pride of India. Each flower has six petals 2-3.5 centimetres long.

Giant crape-myrtles are densely planted on streets such as Kim Ma, Tran Thai Tong and Tho Nhuom.

The purple flowers dotted around the streets make the summer of Hanoi a memorable scene.

Bustling life goes on under the trees while the purple flowers flaunt their exquisite beauty above.

After fully blooming, the rich colours of giant crape-myrtle flowers begin to fade and finally fall off from their branches altogether.

The striking purplish hues of giant crape-myrtle flowers add a touch of colour to the summer of Hanoi.

Nhan Dan

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