A glimpse of the oldest pagoda in town

Last update: 09:00 | 14/04/2018

HCMC is home to hundreds of pagodas and temples with diverse architectural features. But Giac Lam Pagoda in Tan Binh District has stood the test of time for nearly three centuries, and it is the city’s oldest pagoda.

Construction of the pagoda was started in 1744 by a hermit identified as Ly Thuy Long who raised money to build the temple for pilgrims to worship Buddha.

The pagoda was originally called “Cam Son”, “Cam Dem” or “Son Can” and it was not until 1774 it had been renamed “Giac Lam” under Venerable Monk Vien Quang.

The pagoda has undergone three massive overhauls but still retained its historical roots. It has a seven-story stupa with a highlight of a statue of Quan am (the Goddess of Mercy) right at the entrance.

Hundreds of precious Buddhist statues, antique artifacts and old documents in the philosophy of Buddha are still intact inside the pagoda. Especially, a treasure of architecture, culture and sculpture highlighting the color of Buddhism in southern Vietnam can be found at the 274-year-old pagoda.

This place has been frequented by not only local pilgrims but also foreign tourists interested in exploring Vietnamese history and culture since the pagoda was recognized as a national relic in 1988.

Michalina, a tourist from Poland, told the Daily that she feels a bit creepy when stepping into the main hall due to the extremely peaceful and holy atmosphere.

“This is my first journey to Vietnam as well as to the pagoda. Really interesting! Vietnamese people did a good job to form the temple. Sure! I will come back there for more photos in the future,” she added.


A woman prays in front of the statue of Quan Am (Goddess of Mercy) 


The 274-year-old pagoda on Lac Long Quan Street in Tan Binh District was acknowledged as a national relic in 1988 by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism


A statue of Quan Am at the entrance to the seven-storey stupa inside Giac Lam Pagoda in Tan Binh District


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