A bustling Cambodian market in Saigon

Last update: 09:00 | 19/05/2017

Saigon is the melting pot of Vietnam with a vast diversity of cultures, customs, foods and people from different geographical locations around the globe. 


A corner of Tu Xe’s restaurant selling only Cambodian specialties

It is no wonder tourists when taking a leisure walk around Ho Thi Ky flower market in HCMC’s District 10 can easily find a special market which is the gathering place for Vietnamese people of Cambodian descent and dedicated to sell mainly Cambodian specialties. 

The market is thus also dubbed “Cambodian Market”.

Those wishing to discover the cultural life and food specialties of Cambodia can spend a weekend morning at the special market to admire the colorful hustle and bustle of daily life of the Cambodian community living in the city.

Guests are highly recommended to visit Co Co’s sweet soup stall to enjoy the specific flavors of Cambodian-style sweet soups such as steamed pumpkin sweet soup, mixture sweet soup served with durian, egg sweet soup, and sticky rice made with durian and coconut milk often called xoi xiem, with prices starting from VND20,000 each.

Huynh Thi Huoi, who has sold sweet soups at the market for nearly 30 years, said the market is really crowded and busy during the weekend; however, the trading activity in the market has been gloomier these days as modern shopping channels are prevailing.  

Visitors to the Cambodian market should not miss Pahok noodle soup at Tu Xe’s restaurant. Tu Xe is a Vietnamese woman who used to live in Cambodia before returning to Saigon in 1972. 

Based on main materials of Pahok sauce, snakehead fish, vermicelli, and lemon grass leaves, the dish will bring guests the authentic tastes of the Cambodian specialty. 

Thus, her restaurant has become popular with homesick Cambodians in the city.

Additionally, visitors will have a chance to buy dry foods made from various types of fermented fish, fish sauce and shrimp as well as clothes, fashion items and jewelries imported from Cambodia.    

If you have no chance to make an extravagant trip to Cambodia, a leisure walk along the Cambodian market in HCMC’s District 10 can give you a better understanding of the lifestyle and food culture of the Cambodian community.

To reach the site, tourists are advised to drive motorbikes to Ho Thi Ky Street and notice a small alley to the right opposite to Ward 1 nursery school. 

Then, you should park your vehicles at the start of the alley and walk to the end of the alley to find the market on the left hand side.


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