2018 to witness 13 typhoons and depressions

Last update: 14:21 | 14/04/2018

Approximately 12-13 typhoons and tropical depressions are forecast to form on the East Sea area in 2018, with five to six typhoons that will directly affect Vietnam.


Five to six typhoons to directly affect Vietnam this year (Illustrative image)

The information was announced at a quarterly meeting of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in Hanoi on April 12.

The meeting heard that the typhoons and tropical depressions tend to appear in the north of the East Sea in the beginning of the stormy season and will move southward the East Sea in the remaining months of 2018. Typhoons and tropical depressions are more likely to affect the Central region of Vietnam.

Meanwhile, widespread hot weather in the North and Central of Vietnam is predicted to occur later than average and the heat level will not be as fierce as in 2017.

During the dry season in 2018, the Central and Central Highlands regions are forecast to see the lowest level of water on many rivers and streams, while droughts and water shortages will occur in these regions.

The salinity intrusion in the South during the dry season will also be lower than the average for many years and will be equivalent to the level in the 2016 - 2017 period.

According to the Vietnam Meteorological and Hydrological Administration, the forecast and warning capacity of the administration will be improved in 2018 to produce more accurate forecasts and warnings five days in advance instead of only three days.

Nhan Dan

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