Danang park zoo closure proposed

Last update: 00:23 | 14/09/2017

Green Park JS Company which operates the 29-3 Park in the central city of Danang has proposed to the municipal authorities to close the zoo in the park.


 A corner of the zoo in 29-3 Park 

According to the company, the 20-hectare zoo has been located at the park in Thanh Khe District for over the past 30 years.   

Currently, it is home to 24 animals of five species, comprising 13 deer, eight monkeys, one crocodile, 1 python and one civet.

Nguyen Thi Quynh Diem, deputy director of the company, said the zoo area is too small for the animals to live well. For many years, no new animals have been added; while most of the current ones are now old.

Meanwhile, the zoo also sees the shortage of operating costs as well as the lack of zoo keepers with professional skills. As a result, it is becoming increasingly unattractive to visitors.

Diem suggested moving the animals to national reserves or even returning them to the wild. The zoo’s ground would become part of the park.


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