BPhone 2 to hit shelves at giant distribution chain

Last update: 07:11 | 17/07/2017

VietNamNet Bridge - BPhone 2, a high-end product of BKAV and the first made-in-Vietnam high-end smart phone, is expected to be marketed in August. 


The Gioi Di Dong’s Doan Van Hieu Em has confirmed with the local press that the mobile phone distributor will begin distributing BPhone 2 next month, though he declined to reveal how many models of BPhone 2 there would be.

Regarding the selling price, Em said it would be less than VND10 million in order to be competitive. 

Together with Tran Kinh Doanh, CEO of The Gioi Di Dong, Em had a meeting with Nguyen Tu Quang, CEO of BKAV on July 11 to discuss the sale of BPhone 2 at the distribution chain. The next-generation of BPhone was brought to the meeting. 

Talking about Nguyen Tu Quang, the CEO of BKAV, Em wrote on his Facebook that the CEO has ‘passion, incessant creativity and a great love of the nation’.

Em affirmed that the product has high quality, but did not comment because of security reasons.

Mai Trieu Nguyen, the owner of Mai Nguyen distribution chain, said few Vietnamese products can catch such attention as the BPhone. But BKAV needs to gain customers’ confidence by launching a product with real quality.

Em said BPhone has very good marketing, but it needs to attach importance to quality and distribution channels.

BPhone was brought into life in an impressive way, but the smartphone which was hoped to be ‘Vietnamese technological pride’ did not have an impressive performance.

BKAV is seeking cooperation from The Gioi Di Dong (the first generation of BKAV was sold through online channel only). Talking about Nguyen Tu Quang, the CEO of BKAV, Em wrote on his Facebook that the CEO has ‘passion, incessant creativity and a great love of the nation’.

It is still unclear if The Gioi Di Dong would be the only distribution channel of BPhone. 

However, analysts said that BKAV’s decision to distribute BPhone through The Gioi Di Dong shows its view about the importance of distribution channel. 

The BKAV product would not have many opportunities to reach customers if it is only sold online. Vietnamese only buy products if they can see products with their eyes.

The Gioi Di Dong has a large network of 1,500 shops throughout the country. One out of three mobile phones sold is from The Gioi Di Dong.

Hieu Nguyen, a member of a technology forum, has affirmed that the circuit board of BPhone 2 is outsourced to a Japanese company named Meiko. The man, who worked for the company for four years, said he discovered this after seeing pictures on the Internet.


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Thanh Mai

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