Education Ministry stops collecting higher tuition fee

Last update: 17:57 | 06/11/2017

In its dispatch to people’s committees across the country, the Ministry of Education and Training ordered to put an end to collecting enrollment fees in excess of standard levels set by the government.


Education Ministry stops collecting higher tuition fee 

As per the document, the Ministry proposed enhancing supervision on educational facilities on the collection of tuition fee. Schools must strictly follow the Ministry’s guidance of tuition fee collection.

Especially, the Ministry asked schools to stop using the name of parent representative group to collect “voluntary contribution”.

Schools must obey the Ministry’s instruction on parent representative group’s activities issued in 2011 which says clearly that parent group are not allowed to collect any “voluntary contributions” for schools’ facilities, transportation means, classroom hygiene, advanced teaching equipment in the classrooms or construction work.

Additionally, the Ministry requested local authorities to issue penalties on school managers who let tuition and fees collected in error or in amounts in excess of the required amounts take place.


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