Dedicated teacher Van Nhu Cuong passes away

Last update: 14:55 | 09/10/2017

Associate Professor Van Nhu Cuong, 80, principal of Hanoi-based Luong The Vinh High School, passed away early Monday in Hanoi after fighting cancer for three years.


Associate Professor Van Nhu Cuong. — Photo

Cương, is believed to have been a dedicated teacher contributing much to the development of the national education sector.

He established the school in 1989 – the first private school in Viet Nam in the early years of the Renewal period. The school is now one of the prestigious schools in the country.

He also compiled over 60 geometric textbooks at levels of high school and university during his life.

Additionally, Cuong, a member of the National Council on Education, has several times pointed out shortcomings of the national education sector and called for change.

Cuong, who was born in the central province of Nghe An’s Quynh Doi Village, studied mathematics at the Institute of Mathematics under the former Soviet Union’s Academy of Sciences and successfully defended his doctoral dissertation in 1971.

One of his quotes, proving his education philosophy that many generations of his students remember the most is “ You could become a skilled worker, a qualified engineer, a leading researcher, a successful businessman and an outstanding leader, but at first, you must be educated to become a kind person.” 


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