Two third graduates prefer working in state sectors

Last update: 15:35 | 19/04/2017

As per the International Labor Organization (ILO)’s school-to-work transition survey, two third of graduates prefer working in public sectors.


Newly-graduated young people seek job at a fair 

Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs Minister Dao Ngoc Dung yesterday said that the unemployment is a real challenge to the country’s socio-economy with 70.1 percent of unemployed young people, 55.3 percent jobless in the age from 15 to 24 years old.

In the fourth quarter, 2016, the rate of underemployed people in the age from 15 to 24 was 7.28 percent, 3.2 times higher than the country’s overall unemployment proportion of 2.31 percent.

The number of university graduates and holders of higher academic degrees becoming jobless  reached 23 percent of the unemployed.

Worse, the rate of workless young people with technical degree increased. For instance,  18.1 percent and 23 percent of people who have an college’s degree and university degree respectively are also out of work now in Vietnam meanwhile it ranges from 5.3 and 11.8 percent for lower educated people 

Mr. Dung said that 14.4 million people are in the age of 15 to 29, accounting for 26.3 percent of the whole country labor force including 9.9 million people from rural districts. 

35.5 percent of young people work in agricultural sector; 33.6 percent in industry and construction sectors; 30.9 percent in service sector. In the countryside, up to 47.2 percent of young locals work in farming field at low quality.

Adopting many measures to stabilize and boost production and service, the consumption which pave the way for employment matters, the government had offerred employment for 1.5-1.6 million laborers most young people annually during the period 2011 - 2016.

Young people especially students lack “soft skills” to work in enterprises; some of them are not active in seeking jobs. 

Vietnam sends over 100,000 laborers to abroad for working as per contract in addition to offering jobs in the country. Laborers mostly work in Taiwan (China), Malaysia, Korea, Japan and Middle East countries. 70 percent of laborers working abroad are in the age from 18 to 30 years old and 35-40 percent being female.

In a bid to boost supply-demand connection, the country has so far had 48 centers to organize employment fairs for young people each fair attracting 40-50 enterprises and 650-750 job seekers. Around 350-450 laborers have been interviewed through the fair.


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