Swindled customer declines $650,000 compensation from Eximbank

Last update: 13:31 | 12/03/2018

“I did not have any private deal with Hung, I deposited money at Eximbank because I trusted this bank. My money disappeared and the bank has not paid me yet. Instead, they blame me,” Chu Thi Binh, the swindled customer of claimed.


Chu Thi Binh and her three saving accounts

Chu Thi Binh has hired two lawyers to advise and protect her legitimate rights and interests. She said that it has been one year since the case was discovered and referred to the investigation agency (C44). C44 has confirmed that VND245 billion ($10.8 million) was appropriated by Le Nguyen Hung, former deputy director of an Eximbank branch, in collaboration with some officers.

Earlier in February 2018, upon the maturity date of the VND49 billion savings account, she contacted the bank to withdraw the money, but Eximbank said that her money had disappeared from the system. She checked all three saving accounts and Eximbank informed her that VND245 billion ($10.8 million) has disappeared.

On March 6, 2018, Chu Thi Binh met leaders of the bank to find solutions, but the sides came to no solution. She asked the bank to repay her in full, but Eximbank did not approve, bidding her to wait for the conclusions of the court trial. The bank only offered VND14.8 billion ($650,000) as advance compensation, which Binh declined, along with the draft arrangement.

“We hope that Eximbank would listen to the opinions from various sides and the conclusions of the investigation agency to soon minimise the consequences, which hurts the bank’s prestige every day the case goes on,” said her lawyer.

“Eximbank’s Board of Management and Board of Directors have tried to evade responsibility and offered a small compensation in advance to calm me down. In my opinion, this is not a good solution. I ask Eximbank’s Board of Management and Board of Directors to reconsider their stance and pay back the original amount of VND245 billion ($10.8 million). The bank should not delay anymore,” Binh stated.


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