Chu Dau pottery seeks foreign markets

Last update: 14:15 | 01/03/2018

Chu Dau Pottery JSC in Hai Duong province will apply scientific-technological advances to create luxurious, high value-added products, meeting requirements of both domestic and foreign markets.

Chu Dau pottery dates back to the end of 14th century and reached its peak during the 15th and 16th centuries.
{keywords}Chu Dau ceramics not only inherited the quintessence of those during Ly-Tran dynasties but also ​developed its own techniques with bright enamel and beautiful patterns.
{keywords}Chu Dau pottery products are known for its striking shapes, colours, patterns, and meticulous vignettes.
{keywords}Chu Dau pottery products are made from white clay, which is taken from Hai Duong's mountainous Chi Linh area.
{keywords}Chu Dau pottery items at now preserved at 42 prestigious museums in 32 countries worldwide.
{keywords}Apart from reviving the ancient craft, Chu Dau Pottery JSC has also focused on community-based tourism.




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