Vietnamese novel to be published in US

Last update: 15:23 | 13/09/2017

VietNamNet Bridge – The Song Magazine plans to publish a work by novelist Nguyen Mot in the US.


A draft design of the novel Dat Troi Van Vu (The Heaven and the Earth in Tumult). The 340-page book, written by novelist Nguyen Mot, is scheduled for publication in the US. Photo courtesy of Nguyen Mot

The author said the 340-page novel, Dat Troi Van Vu (The Heaven and the Earth in Tumult), which has been translated into English, will be his second novel to be published in the US. His first, Nguoc Mat Troi (Journey Against the Sun), was translated into English and published in the US by the Song Magazine in 2015.

He said the novel, which was published in Viet Nam in 2009, won Prize C at a novel competition held by the Viet Nam Writers Association for work published from 2006 to 2010.

The novel depicts a long journey towards the south. It also expresses the obsession of death, love and animosity, and fierce images of wars.

The author was born in 1964 in Duy Xuyen District in the central Quang Nam Province. His parents died during the American War.

He left his native land for the southern province of Dong Nai after the country’s reunification in 1975. He worked as a teacher at a primary school from 1983 to 1997, and a journalist for Tien Phong (Vanguard) newspaper in 1998-2007.

He has been working for Truong Hai automobile company since then.

He joined the Viet Nam Writers Association in 2006 and has written over 10 novels.

The latest novel is in final completion to be published in the US soon.

Writer Tran Thu Hang wrote in the book’s foreword: “The death of characters in the novel resurrects the past so vividly that readers can feel an obsession of life and love.”

Writer Nguyen Duc Thien commented: “His novel recalls the tumult of Dong Nai Province in the past through different characters’ fates and personalities. The novel also features complicated societal issues.”

Journalist Tran Dinh Thu added: “The novel is not for weak-nerved readers as they could not read the horrible tragedies of different characters related to wars, love and hate.” 


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